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Restorative Dentistry

At Easy Dental, we provide children, teens, and adults of all ages with top-quality biocompatible restorative procedures designed to promote the longevity of your overall health. Whether you're missing teeth or need a crown, we have the safest and most effective restoration treatments for you. We want you and your family to feel confident about your dental care, which is why all our restorations are crafted with non-toxic materials and integrated through biocompatibility testing.

We are committed to providing you with healthy, beautiful restorations using premium materials. Contact Easy Dental in McKinney for treatments that restore all aspects of your smile and encourage lasting overall health. Find out more during your first visit!



Do I Need Dental Restoration?

Restorations help you recover after damage, decay, or infection. We focus on repairing any roots or enamel that is salvageable, eliminating pain, and removing diseased tissue. When your teeth and gums are kept in good condition, your oral health remains in balance, and your overall health stays strong.

Your treatment options will depend on your specific situation and level of damage. This means that your recommended procedures could be as simple as having a filling placed or more in-depth, like an implant-supported restoration to replace a missing tooth. If you're still unsure whether you need a dental restoration, schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable team.



Repairing and Restoring Aesthetics with Composite Fillings

Dental wear, damage, and tooth decay can happen at any age, leaving your teeth vulnerable and in need of repair. In the past, you may have had to settle for a dark, more noticeable metal or gold filling. With the composite materials of today, the form, function, and aesthetics of your teeth can be restored safely and discreetly. White, composite fillings provide top-notch protection and preserve the look of your natural smile.


Why Choose Composites Over Gold or Metal Fillings?

At Easy Dental, we not only provide white fillings for helping to preserve aesthetics, but we also believe in using the safest materials possible. Some fillings contain toxic chemicals such as BPA and mercury. These chemicals could lead to health problems with chronic exposure. To protect your health, we choose fillings that are free from these substances.

What's the Issue with BPA?

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical in resin and plastic. In addition to food storage containers and water bottles, and it is also used in the composite material used to make dental fillings. Evidence suggests that BPA exposure may have negative health consequences on the brain, as well as behavior, developing fetuses, infants, and children. Exposure can also cause high blood pressure. To protect your health, it is important to reduce BPA exposure where you can.

All amalgam fillings contain mercury, a highly toxic substance. Even though the ADA claims mercury levels are at safe levels, it is better to have fillings that do not contain any possible toxins. Fillings that are free of BPA and mercury are an even better option. As a result, we use a BPA-free version of composite fillings. If you have older fillings that you think may be a problem, we also do safe amalgam filling removal.

Protecting Your Smile with Ceramic Dental Crowns

dental crown is often the perfect answer for restoring a tooth that has extensive damage or decay. Because crowns are made specifically to fit over vulnerable teeth, they provide lasting protection against infection and are durable enough to withstand everyday use.

At Easy Dental, we provide crowns crafted from the highest-quality ceramic materials that look, feel, and function exactly like natural enamel. These beautiful crowns allow you to enjoy a healthy, secure, and aesthetically pleasing smile.


6 Reasons to Get a Crown

The durability of crowns makes them an effective solution for addressing many dental health concerns. Below are seven reasons why you may need a crown to help restore your smile like new.

  1. You have a tooth with deep decay

  2. You have a vulnerable tooth with a large filling

  3. Your tooth is severely cracked or fractured

  4. Your teeth are short and worn from clenching or grinding

  5. You have a tooth stained from an injury or trauma

  6. Your bite alignment needs a slight adjustment

Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants and Dental Restorations

Every tooth is vital for helping you to chew food, speak comfortably, and preserve your natural jawbone structure. Not replacing even one tooth can have a significant impact on your oral and overall health. We provide the following restorations for renewing your smile after tooth loss:

  • Crowns for replacing a single missing tooth

  • Replacing several missing teeth with fixed bridges

  • Dental implants for restoring one to all missing teeth


Depending on your tooth replacement needs, crowns, bridges, and dentures can all be affixed to zirconia dental implants to address missing teeth permanently. If you've been missing teeth for a long time, you may have bone recession and tissue loss. Without the constant stimulation of tooth roots, your jawbone begins to shrink. A bone graft procedure offers renewed strength to your jaw bone with transplanted or artificial bone materials. We work with our trusted specialist for the actual placement of your implant, along with any additional regenerative procedures that you may need. We want you to have the best opportunity to rebuild your smile with successful implant treatment.

What Does Getting Dental Implants Involve?

While the entire implant process can take anywhere from several months to a year, your results are designed to last a lifetime. When undergoing restoration with our specialist, treatment often involves these four phases:

  • Planning – Treatment begins with an evaluation of your oral health to determine whether implants are the best solution. According to your current oral health, medical history, and lifestyle, our specialist plans where your implants will be placed, which restoration they'll support, and whether any surgeries, such as a bone graft, are needed first.

  • Placement – Inserting your implant posts is done with skill and precision. Depending on your unique needs, we may place several posts at once or recommend more than one procedure to complete your treatment.

  • Healing – It will take some time for the natural tissue and bone to fuse around your implant(s). It may take several months, but the process is vital to ensure your implants remain secure and strong enough to withstand daily use.

  • Restoration – After healing, you will return to our office where we can attach your custom-made crown, bridge, or denture restoration to your implants. We will check your bite and make sure you can chew and speak comfortably.

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