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Microscopic Plaque Analysis

The phase contrast microscope is the latest technology  in the fight against gum disease. Gum  disease is caused by  harmful bacteria in the mouth that attaches to teeth and gums.

With the use of the microscope we identify the harmful bacteria and treat it before we do teeth cleaning. This way we avoid spreading the harmful bacteria to the heart .Bacteria from dental plaque, may gain access to distant sites in the body through the circulatory and respiratory system, potentially contributing to various systemic diseases  such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, premature childbirth.

Microscopic Plaque Analysis

We use the microscope at  your  first visit and then every time you come in for teeth cleaning we check your plaque to make sure there is no new infection.
Dr Leday chooses to treat these infections in a natural way, so she will make a custom oral care program that fits your needs.

This is a look at dental plaque under a microscope:

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