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Meridian Tooth Chart

Dental and oral conditions can be understood only in relationship to the whole body. Just as your foot bone is connected to your ankle bone, your oral tissues are physically and energetically connected to every other part of you. The body reflects what goes on in the mouth, and the mouth reflects what goes on in the body. This relationship is one reason why a disturbance at a particular tooth site can cause a distant organ to malfunction. Conversely, a disturbance in the organ can cause a problem at a related tooth site.
This tooth meridian chart further illustrates the connection between the mouth and body.

Here is an example in our everyday practice: Someone with a history of sinus infections struggles with treatment. A biologic dentist checks a lower right bicuspid (premolar) and finds out that the tooth has a root canal. The tooth is dead, but because it is on the same meridian as the sinus, the tooth is blocking energy (or vice versa) on the energy channel. The tooth is taken out, and the patient’s sinus problems stop.

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