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Biocompatibilty Testing

Biocompatibility Testing

Another major component of a visit with an integrative medicine dentist is biocompatibility testing. While in biological dental medicine we avoid harmful chemicals, there are still some safe materials that can cause a reaction in patients. These patients tend to have strong sensitivities or multiple allergies that may be affected during certain dental treatments.
To avoid disrupting the function and well-being of an individual we choose to perform biocompatibility testing. Some patients may even have a sensitivity that are not aware of. To combat using a product that may cause irritation, there are a couple of tests that can be performed. These show how a patient will react to materials for fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, and even anesthetic.

Clifford Test

The first test that is commonly performed is the Clifford Material Reactivity Test, or CMRT. Not only does this test show how a patient will react to a biomaterial, but how he or she will react to corrosion or byproducts if the material were to break down. The CMRT tests 94 different chemical groups, but reports on over 17,204 trade-named dental products.

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To perform the CMRT, a blood sample is drawn and then prepared for testing. When exposed to a particular material, CMRT looks for the presence of antibodies in the patient’s serum at or above a specific threshold. If they reach that threshold, it is a good indication that the patient will have an adverse reaction to that material and it should be avoided.

EAV Testing

A less invasive and faster way of biocompatibility testing is by EAV testing, or Electro Acupuncture according to Voll. This type of testing uses energy to provide a general assessment of one’s health, as well as, compatibility with certain materials. EAV does this by indirectly measuring meridians or “energetic systems” which are believed to be communication pathways throughout the entire body.
For this test, patients will hold a brass rod in one hand while holding a stylus in the other. Energy is sent through the body to locate the meridian points while transferring the information gathered to a computer. This process not only provides immediate results, but is painless.

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