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Amalgam Filling Removal

Mercury Safe Dentistry

If you have previously been to a traditional dentist that used harmful mercury fillings, you may be interested in having them removed and replaced. Mercury fillings are toxic and cause prolonged exposure to mercury vapor. Additionally, they disrupt the meridians and bioenergetic fields in the body with electrical currents that are created during contact of different metals. 

At Easy Dental, we believe in treating cavities holistically and take a cautious approach to removing mercury fillings in order to protect the patient, dentist, and dental assistants during the process. We employ air filters, an oxygenated water system, oxygen masks, rubber dams, and negative ion generators during the removal. Furthermore, we provide our patients with nutritional counseling to rid their bodies of the toxicity and restore proper energy flow.


Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

Because we are so cautious with our patient’s exposure to mercury during removal, there are several steps that we employ. These prevent both inhalation and ingestion and include: 

  • A rubber dam that is positioned over the teeth impacted by the removal

  • A cloth that is placed under the dam to prevent saliva from leaking onto the patients face

  • A low volume suction that is placed under the dam to collect saliva

  • High volume suction or “clean-up tip” that surrounds the tooth during the removal

  • Water sprayed continuously through a handpiece and air-water syringe to push mercury particulate to the suction line

  • Charcoal powder positioned under the patient’s tongue for mercury vapor absorption

  • Oxygen provided to the patient through the nasal canula

  • A Negative Ion Generator and collection plate employed to collect mercury particulate released into the air

  • External air suction or the “Elephant Suction” to ensure additional remove of mercury particulate or odors

  • Replacements for the fillings made of materials that are biocompatible with the patient

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