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At Easy Dental, your health and the health of our staff are of the utmost importance.

Measurements taken to minimize community spread of Coivd 19 during your visit:

For Patients: wear mask to the appointment, temperate check, rinse with ozonated water prior to dental procedures, high vacuum suction during all aerosol producing procedures.

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Integrated Dental Medicine in McKinney

Family picture of smiling young mom and dad sit on couch posing with cute little daughterHolistic dentistry treats underlying problems that cause dental symptoms and attempts to eliminate those issues while making sure the process causes no adverse effects to your overall health. At Easy Dental, we use biocompatible materials and the most advanced techniques available to provide integrative dental services for optimal health.

A holistic approach to dental care emphasizes the why instead of the what; we hunt for the sources of dental problems, rather than only treating the symptoms. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your oral health, which is vital in keeping your smile healthy for the rest of your life. Since 1999 we have been providing a blend of traditional and biological dental care to McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Dallas, Denton, Lewisville, Allen, and Highland Park. Call today to experience the difference of holistic dental care!


Services for Optimal Oral and Overall Health

The health of your body depends on many factors, and oral health is a significant aspect. If a treatment can cause adverse effects on teeth or soft tissue, we seek another option that is gentler on your smile. Biocompatibility testing helps us decide if you are allergic to any dental materials while our methods of purifying water and removing older, potentially harmful restorations allow us to protect your overall health further. We help you achieve a lifetime of ideal dental health with the following services:

Why Biological Dentistry is Important

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Dental conditions can be better understood in relation to the whole body. The body mirrors what goes on in the mouth, and the mouth reveals what happens in the body. Your oral tissues are physically and energetically connected to every other part of you, which is why a disturbance at a particular tooth site can cause a related organ to malfunction, and vice versa. To help you understand this concept, we use a tooth meridian chart to illustrate the connections between the mouth and body.

We welcome patients age eight and older to experience the difference advanced biological dentistry can make. We promote wellness by avoiding the use of metal in dental restorations, safely removing amalgam fillings, and offering nutritional counseling to support strong, mineralized teeth that are resistant to decay. As a mercury-free office, we have protocols in place for the safe removal of old, mercury-based restorations, plus additional education in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, laser therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, and heavy metal toxicity. Many services can be combined to provide:

Cosmetic Treatments: Ceramic crowns and bridges, implant-supported restorations, teeth whitening, and safe removal of older metal restorations.

Family Dental Care: Cleanings, sealants, and gentle oral health examinations for ages eight and up.

Periodontal Care: Scaling, root planing, and ozone irrigation to remove biofilm, disinfect, and control the microorganisms found in dental plaque.

Healthy Dentistry for the Whole Family

At Easy Dental, we want you and your whole family to have healthier smiles through safe services that provide long-term protection for your entire body. Dental care with a holistic approach strives to make all procedures biocompatible and comfortable. If you want to improve your dental health while looking out for the overall health of your body, contact our McKinney holistic dental team today!



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